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A Split Among Democrats May Threaten ‘the Squad’ – and Help Trump – in 2024


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A looming clash between the center and left of the Democratic party could potentially unseat members of the “Squad” of progressives and hand a gift to Donald Trump Republicans in the 2024 elections. This divide has been exacerbated by the war in Gaza, which has divided Democrats like no other issue and is likely to play a key role in the party’s primary races.

The Impact on the Squad

Squad members, including Jamaal Bowman of New York, Cori Bush of Missouri, and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, are facing potentially well-funded primary challengers. Some Democrats fear that the infighting could weaken the party’s campaign in November. The concern is that the infighting could lead to a loss of focus on the bigger picture and the unique threat posed by Ezra Levin, the co-executive director of the progressive grassroots movement Indivisible.

The Role of AIPAC

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is using the current crisis in Gaza as an excuse to get progressive members of Congress voted out of office and help Trump in the 2024 elections. AIPAC has been a significant player in Democratic politics and has been accused of fueling the humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

The Supreme Court’s Influence

The Supreme Court has become the ultimate force in the 2024 presidential election, with the justices facing several disputes over the fate of GOP candidates and the eligibility of Trump to run for president. The court’s rulings could have a wide-reaching impact on the hundreds of other criminal cases, including those involving Trump.

The 2024 Election Landscape

The 2024 election is shaping up to be a critical battle for control of the House and the Senate, with Democrats needing a net gain of just five seats to take control of the House. Despite the challenges posed by retirements and an increasingly divided party, Democrats are confident in their candidates and their ability to win back the House.

Conclusion A split among Democrats could threaten the “Squad” and help Trump in the 2024 elections. The infighting over issues like Gaza and abortion rights could lead to a loss of focus on the bigger picture and the unique threat posed by Ezra Levin and other progressive leaders. The Supreme Court’s influence in the election and the retirement of key Democratic figures could further complicate the party’s efforts to regain control of the House.

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